About Martin Ekwall

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I am keen to help you find the ideal image. Maybe you require a few images to compliment what you already have or maybe you require a whole new collection of photographs. Good photography will help communicate the services you provide and attract your customer’s attention.

What is the reason for the shoot? It helps if you have a clear concept of what your company stands for and what your public or customers want. We can then talk further about how these observations could be used as the basis for a shoot. You may of course already have a detailed brief and if this is the case be brief in your description of what needs to be accomplished.

Which photographic services that you can help with?

  • Concepts and ideas
  • Pre Production and planning
  • On location with or without lighting
  • Large files
  • Perspective control for interior and exterior architectural photography
  • Optimized picture files for all uses
  • Retouching
  • High quality prints

I started taking photographs at the age of seven and got my first SLR when I was ten years old. I have continued to take photographs ever since. Nature and the landscape provided me with the opportunity to explore photography and it remains one of my inspirations. I started working as a professional in 1998. Since then I have developed a varied customer base shooting mainly architecture, the built environment and people.

 A quote by Ansel Adams says it all – “you don’t take a photograph you make it”