Fine Art

Photographic art or fine art photography is something that I´ve always been interested of. Art is an interesting world without any borders really and is an expanding landscape of concepts. It´s above function and often leaves logic as an less important factor in creation of the artistic ideas. It´s a wide open area and anyone can actually participate and understand it. If it communicates to you then it´s art for you and if it doesn´t then it´s not art for you. How does one take this great ideas and make them as one wants into a physical shape? Well that´s the craft of making art works, the technical aspect of the discipline (not the visions). And how does one create ideas to make art from (the visions)? You direct your creative force to what you really love and what interests you. I believe that one is using the same creative force when creating art as in creating ones life and every moment of ones life, esthetics maybe has less reason and function in its creation. But who is to say where the border of reason and function should be and where the creation of esthetics and visions should enter? So I do my art in celebration of how fantastic beings we really are creating this world with our lives.